Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy is a handbook for everyone who is about to sell or buy residential real estate, either with an agent or by-owner. This book will provide you with information to make wise and educated choices.

The process is laid out simply, step-by-step, in this common sense presentation. We walk you through solid preparation and safe negotiation to a successful closing. Read the chapter-by-chapter summary for a complete recap of this excellent handbook.

Home equity is the primary form of savings for most of us. We count on it for retirement, to help finance our children’s education or perhaps to accumulate a down payment for our dream home. Our mission is to help you save your hard-earned equity when you sell your home, and get the most for your money when you purchase.

We have the privilege and experience of helping thousands of buyers and sellers connect. We operate one of the most successful and fastest growing Internet advertisement services in the country, This handbook is the product of listening to and connecting with our customers. You will not be disappointed.