The book Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy is brought to you by the owners of FsboLocal through KDR Publishing Inc. www.fsbolocal.com is one of the fastest growing and most successful For-Sale-By-Owner advertising businesses in the nation. The consistent growth of the business is due primarily to our customers, as they have been loyal promoters and our champions.

Through the business of fsboLocal.com, the management team has learned much from the privilege and experience of helping thousands of home buyers and sellers, just like you. We listen intently to our customerís thoughts on ways to improve our business, and we work hard to exceed their expectations and to earn their trust.

We have learned that people need three things to effectively sell their home:
  1. Knowledge (being informed)
  2. Proper pricing and preparing the home
  3. Advertising exposure

Based on our experience and input from customers, we developed the book Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy, a complete step-by-step guide for selling and/or buying a home. We believe this book will provide people with the knowledge they need for a confident and successful home-buying or home-selling experience. Click here for the book overview. Click here to purchase the book now.

Asrar Kazmi (Kaz)
David Dunn
Ron Wiggins