As a buyer you will learn when, why & how to

  • Get yourself organized in advance so that you can begin shopping for a home when you are ready
  • Prepare your financial and credit position, find a good lender & loan officer and get pre qualified
  • Identify information a seller should provide before you make an offer
  • Evaluate a home and include known defects in your purchase agreement
  • Negotiate an agreement with all required terms & conditions
  • Arrange inspections and negotiate repairs within required deadlines
  • Prepare for and close your purchase smoothly and on time

Required Forms Included:

  • Purchase Agreement
  • Lead Hazard Disclosures
  • Property Disclosure Form Information
  • Proof of Loan Approval/Status

Optional Forms Included:

  • Agreement Concerning Property Conditions
  • Seller's Exceptions To Brokerage Agreement
  • Seller Information Form
  • Sellerís Estimate of Proceeds of Sale
  • An Example of Buyer Closing Costs

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