For Buyers and Sellers Using an Agent

This handbook is ideal for those of you who intend to list your home with a broker or use an agent to help you buy a home.

Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy enables you to control your transaction and make choices from an informed position, start to finish. Earn your agent's respect and operate from a position of strength, not dependence, and learn how to select the best agent for you.

Using an agent is no reason to operate on blind faith. In reality, it is a very good reason to learn how this process works in advance. Many of your responsibilities will include tasks your agent either will not do, can not do, or should not be expected to do.

This handbook puts you in a position to prepare yourself and your home before you sign up with your agent. You won't waste valuable listing time after your home enters the market. If you are buying, with this information you will be prepared to start shopping for a home the first day you sign with your agent, rather than delaying the process to get prepared. Your agent will also recognize that you know what you are doing, making the agent more eager, and communication more efficient and pleasant.

Many people have no experience selecting an agent. Here you will learn how. This important choice should never be a roll-of-the-dice.

Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy provides excellent guidance for putting yourself in a position to intelligently evaluate advice you receive, make good decisions, and secure the best help available.

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