For Those Selling or Buying By-Owner

Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy is indispensable for those selling or buying a home "by owner" (without an agent). This will make the difference between a positive or stressful experience.

The process is not difficult, but it is not as simple as posting an ad and yard sign, or just shopping for a home as you would a new TV. You need the information provided in this handbook to achieve your goal of maximizing the financial benefit of your sale or purchase.

Prepare yourself and your home before you place your home on the market or begin looking for a new home, and learn to recognize potential problems and how to avoid them. With this handbook you won't risk unnecessary errors which could delay your plans or harm you financially.

Sellers will be ready to accept an offer rather than delay the process and lose an opportunity. Buyers will be ready to make an offer as soon as you find a home, instead of delaying your offer, voiding it later, and perhaps losing your earnest money. Sellers and lenders will be more confident dealing with you as opposed to someone who is unprepared.

This handbook enables you to make choices from an informed position, start to finish. You will gain self confidence and respect from sellers, buyers and buyers' agents. You will minimize your attorney fee and operate from a position of strength, not dependence.

Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy will put you in control from the very start.

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