What you are getting...
  • The Book: Selling & Buying a Home Made Easy
  • 24 hour access to our online knowledge database

As a seller you will learn when, why & how to

  • Prepare yourself to receive and interact with buyers from an informed position
  • Prepare your home and marketing plan to maximize appeal and effectiveness
  • Determine the right sale price
  • Analyze actual net proceeds of sale
  • Advertise your home effectively
  • Prepare literature for interested buyers
  • Conduct open houses
  • Prepare required documents for buyers and meet your disclosure obligations
  • Negotiate an agreement with buyers and agents
  • Work through inspection and repair issues
  • Prepare for and close your sale smoothly and on time

As a buyer you will learn when, why & how to

  • Get yourself organized in advance so that you can begin shopping for a home when you are ready
  • Prepare your financial and credit position, find a good lender & loan officer and get pre qualified
  • Identify information a seller should provide before you make an offer
  • Evaluate a home and include known defects in your purchase agreement
  • Negotiate an agreement with all required terms & conditions
  • Arrange inspections and negotiate repairs within required deadlines
  • Prepare for and close your purchase smoothly and on time

Forms Included:

Seller’s Estimate of Proceeds of Sale, An Example of Buyer Closing Costs, Proof of Loan Approval/Status, Example of Owner’s Property Disclosure Statement, Lead-based Paint And/or Lead-based Hazards, Purchase Agreement Form, Seller Information Form, Notes, Eleven Reasons To Have An Attorney

Book Overview:

  • Hard copy price includes a downloadable copy
  • Download copy includes fielded forms which can be filled in and saved on your own computer
  • All forms in our hard copy version are perforated for easy removal
Chapter 1— A Bird's Eye View

Chapter 1 presents an overview of your handbook layout, words of wisdom for byowner sellers, a look at the benefits of knowing this information and an introduction to your primary source of advice.

Chapter 2 — Common Steps for Sellers

Chapter 2 is the seller's checklist of common steps. Keep this with you throughout your sale: it will help you prepare, then keep you organized and on target. It is divided into 3 Stages: Preparation, Negotiation and Post-Contract Activity.

Chapter 3 — Common Steps for Buyers

Chapter 3 is the Buyer's checklist. Keep this list close to stay organized and on top of things, avoiding delays and false starts. Preparing, negotiating and closing your purchase are presented from the buyer's viewpoint.

Chapter 4 - Required Forms

Chapter 4 introduces four forms that are essential to good preparation. Both sellers and buyers should be familiar with these. We'll tell you how to use these forms, what to do with them, and when to have them ready. You will be ready to go before the first offer is received, earning the respect of buyers and buyer's agents; your transaction will flow smoothly.

Chapter 5 — Seller Preparation

Now that you know the steps involved and what forms are required, this chapter provides the details of how to prepare yourself and your home. With or without an agent, you must take these steps to maximize your sale.

Chapter 6 — Buyer Preparation

No buyer can be confident without first knowing their financial limits. Your loan officer and seller will have more confidence in you instead of someone else because you are well prepared. These are steps you must take with or without agent representation.

Chapter 7 — Negotiating an Agreement

Negotiating an agreement requires both the seller and buyer to have paperwork ready in advance and to recognize the pitfalls and know how to avoid them now, rather than dealing with unrecognized problems later. This Chapter helps avoid things likely to cause arguments and delays. It also helps sellers understand how to deal with a buyer's agent, and explains some important considerations for establishing deadlines and other conditions of sale.

Chapter 8 — After Contract & Before Closing

This Chapter moves you into the final phase of your transaction. This is when other professionals kick into high gear and get things rolling for your closing. It also addresses the touchy subject of home inspections: getting them scheduled, how to submit requests to the seller, and how the seller responds to the requests, all of which must follow strict deadlines.

Chapter 9 — Closing

You're on the downhill side now. Chapter 9 provides an understanding of how your closing gets scheduled, vacating the home, and how to prepare for closing. Here you will find answers to what seem like simple questions, but everyone needs these answers to avoid something falling through the cracks, or last minute delays. It wraps up with some important post-closing instructions.

Chapter 10 — Selecting Brokers and Agents

For those of you who have made the choice to list with a broker or retain a buyer's agent, this chapter offers important suggestions for selecting the best broker and agent for you. For those who are undecided about using an agent, a little reflection is offered on key factors for making your decision.

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